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Sacred Edge


Art From Australia’s Heart

Our Story

Sacred Edge is an Australian based company, which showcases creative traditions from worldwide civilisations all around the world. 

All artists & artisans live in the multi-culturally rich nation of Australia, and regardless of race or creed - we have split our contributors into the 58 major indigenous language groups of our original owners. Each language group had its own social rules, culture, and practices. We honour our sacred lineage to the aboriginals of Australia in this distinct way, by telling their story. 

Aboriginal Australians are diverse communities of people who have settled in what is now Australia for over 50,000. The term aboriginal is derived from a Latin word that literally means “from the beginning”. Apart from indigenous South Africans, our aboriginals are believed to be the oldest human civilisation in the world. This platform aims to preserve and enliven the indigenous identities of the world, with a particular emphasis on the Australian Aboriginal culture. 

Yours Sacredly,

Ranald McMaster (Founder)